The DUP Training Method

A while back I learned about a new way of training with weights called Daily Undulating Periodization (aka DUP).   I wanted to answer this question: does dup work? In order to reach my own conclusion I had to break down the acronym to learn more of what each letter means:

Daily, as the name implies, means that you will train every day–or almost every day. You may train 5 days a week if you follow one of the normal DUP routines. But these workouts would be adjusted in terms of the amount of work you do. The training sessions would not be as long as if you were just training 3 days a week.

 Undulating means that the amount of weight you use will vary with each training session. Sometimes you will be lifting heavier than the previous workout, but other sessions will use lighter weights. It’s all carefully planned so that at the end of a training cycle you will be stronger than when you first started.

 Periodization is a term that powerlifters have been using for decades (if not longer). It refers to manipulating the intensity of your workouts: training lighter for a few weeks then progressively training heavier as you reach the end of a particular cycle.

When you put these three terms together you have the DUP method. This program incorporates these proven techniques to get you real results in the gym. Keep in mind that this still requires hard work and discipline, but you’ll be working smarter instead of just harder if you decide to use this program. I think you’ll find that Jason Maxwell has done a great job of designing everything in a fashion that’s very usable and easy to understand. You can get started and break new personal records in your lifts.